The Team
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The Team


A great dream has an even greater team and that’s us, The Shnack Team. Our company culture is all about growing and empowering each member of the team, where personal growth and the honing of skills are encouraged, tapping into each other’s strengths and understanding weaknesses to increase productivity and create a healthy working environment.

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Kirsten Howell

Shnack is led by Kirsten Howell, a young entrepreneur, and talented chef that has been in the industry for 10+ years. She is a woman who is determined to shape a better tomorrow through food.


Passionate about sustainability and conscious living, Kirsten opened up Shnack amid a pandemic with a vision of creating a company that is committed to giving the gift of food today without compromising tomorrow.


Her experience as a professional chef, creativity and admiration for simple and healthy eating has been the foundation of the Shnack Food Co.

Busisiwe Sibindi

Assistant and Manager to the head of Shnack is Busisiwe Sibindi. A young chef who is determined, hard-working and eager to learn.


Wise beyond her years, Busisiwe is constantly seeking knowledge and growth, making her the perfect asset to a business that makes decisions and grows based on the knowledge they acquire.


She understands that ignorance is what fails this planet. Busisiwe is
empowering this company and its staff members through her constant focus on education, understanding and enhancing everyone’s strengths. Her intuitive, sharp personality and smile bring a
great atmosphere to the workplace.

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Sime and Kwanda keep the ship afloat and functioning well. They are young, hardworking and eager to learn.

We are always inspired by their highly motivated energy, commitment and growth in everything they do.

They are the company’s greatest asset.

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We value sustainability, attentiveness, balance, integrity and knowledge as a team and that is what keeps us consistently aiming toward the company’s goals.

Yes, the team may be small but the hard work and determination that we have as a team is abundant.

We are constantly improving making the journey ahead even more exciting.

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