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Shnack Food Company is a company with a difference, committed to helping people enjoy the gift of food today without compromising tomorrow. Our roots are deep within the pillars of sustainability. Sustain the planet and sustain the people on the planet, and that sustains the profits of the business.

Our commitment to sustainability offers plant-based and vegetarian platters, frozen meals and cakes. We aim to constantly seek sustainable ingredients. We understand that plants are the best choice, but not the only choice. We also use sustainably sourced protein such as organic eggs that we use in our baking and venison that is responsibly hunted during the hunting season. “The gift of food and health isn’t given freely to humanity. There is an unspoken cost of respect and responsible stewardship of its resources and the life found in the environment” – Shnack

We believe in making sustainable food choices, and making them shouldn’t be difficult. That is why our company culture wants to make sustainable food choices convenient, easy and the norm. We are always moving towards a wholesome way of producing and consuming food, making sure that all decisions we make impact our environment and community positively.

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Sustain the planet, Sustain the people.

We stand for sustainable ways of consuming and producing food. Food should not be harmful to the human body nor should it be harmful to the environment. We stand for a wholesome, balanced society where everything is not over-farmed or treated cruelly. We stand for sustainable and equal distribution of wealth and resources so that there be more for the future.

To create a culture where sustainability is convenient, easy, and the norm.
To help people enjoy the gift of food today without compromising tomorrow.
Sustainability – Being Attentive – Balance – Integrity – Knowledge


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